Tushar is my guest on THE MY JOB IN GERMANY Podcast today. He’s a super talented Master’s graduate from RWTH Aachen University. His degree is in Management & Engineering with a focus on Supply Chain Management and Logistics. We can still congratulate him because just a few weeks ago he started his first job!

Tushar took part in the MY JOB GERMANY Mentoring Program and talks about his German CV, our coaching sessions, and how intensively he dealt with the job search. He talks about how he started out applying exclusively in English and then switched to German.

Now he is a happy working professional, only speaks German at work, and is – finally – glad to have weekends filled with free time and 100 percent time for his hobbies.

This is what you will learn:

  • Tushar’s experiences with English applications
  • What has changed for him through the mentoring program
  • What changed when he started applying in German language
  • Why it would take him 6 months less to find a job today.
  • About his new, typically German hobby
  • and much more

About Tushar Wable:

Tushar on LinkedIn