„ALIGN-Make your Career“ is a highly specialized Coaching and Guiding Program for international professionals living in Germany. It’s designed to help get out of unemployment and into a job that suits their qualifications and life situation.

What is unique about the „ALIGN“ Program?

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Designed for Internationals


The program has been developed from my experience over the last ten years with international professionals seeking a job in Germany. Over the last years, I’ve revised and refined its procedures. The result is a proven method, which enables the individual applicant to align with the job market of a region or country.

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100% funded via AVGS Voucher

Certified & Funded

The certified program can be subsidized by Agentur für Arbeit. Within 8-10 weeks, it supports the support to overcome the core challenges Internationals face when looking for a job. It’s a structured way to tackle all the problems coming up in the process of alignment to the rules of the German work culture and hiring processes. To find a job.

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One-one-One Guidance & Coaching

Confidential & Specific

Individual sessions are highly effective. In coaching, confidential topics for which a group is not appropriate may be discussed. In Guiding, very specific in-depth work like the Job market, region, industry, type of company, job family, nature of career to professional and personal requirements of a position.

„Why do foreign professionals struggle so much finding a job?“

The key to find a suitable job is to create alignment between the candidates‘ accomplishments from the past and the benefits they bring to the present and future challenges.

You need to know the job market in depth, as well as as the candidate’s profile and the cultural context. On this basis it’s doable to transfer the unique strenghts of the candidate and to find the rights word to help German HR and decision makers (literally) see the capabilities of the person in front.

Nicola Pilz

What makes the ALIGN program unique?

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Nicola Pilz, German Job Market Expert and founder of MyJobGermany

The program has been developed from my experience over the last ten years with international professionals who are looking for a new position in Germany. Either after graduation from a German university, as a recently relocated spouse, or as an experienced senior expert looking to stay in Germany together with his/her family once his/her secondment has expired. Again and again, I have revised and refined procedures over the last years. This has resulted in a unique method to align the individual applicant with the job market of a region or country.

The program was recognized by a certification body so since 2022 the German Federal Employment Agency supports the program financially via AVGS voucher.

ALIGN is therefore a specially tailored program for Internationals, who want to leverage their previous professional background and transfer it to a position in the German workforce. In the program, I’ll walk them through four systematic sequential modules.

ALIGN core modules

#1 The profile, the positioning and „story“

One of these core topics is the formulation and reflection of your positioning as a technical professional. It’s about the interplay of your skills, your values, and your previous experiences. How does this match with your current goals for your upcoming new professional position in Germany? What story will you tell to convince recruiters?

#2 Application Papers with WOW & TRUST-Factors

In another core module, we’ll work on German-style application documents that will make any German recruiter’s heart skip a beat.

I will help you with finding the right phrases. If you are unsure about which of the experiences to mention in your CV (and which to leave out), then this module is the right opportunity to discuss it.

#3 Analysis of the individual job market for an applicant

One huge challenge is the analysis of the job market. Which companies, industries, and activities are particularly suitable for you and your current life situation?

Finding a position within a reasonable radius of your family’s home area can take much longer than if you are basically open to accepting a position anywhere in Germany. That’s why it’s important to consider jointly which job application strategy is the right one for you. It is also important to analyze the fields of activity that exist in Germany. These fields may even be urgently sought after, but they might be entirely different from your former activities at home.

If you want to apply in English, with pleasure. Should your chances of success be better in German, I help you to find the right words.

#4 Communicating within the hiring process

In the hiring process, we cover the appropriate and winning communication of recruiters.

We reflect upon how to strategically communicate and respond with the recruiters, HRs and managers involved. According to the German rules of communication: very confident, even bold. But charming.

There are many occasions to communicate with recruiters and decision-makers, such as the sales pitch on the phone, the first question in the interview „Tell us about yourself“ or how to act smart when negotiating salary or extra benefits.

You’ll also learn what makes German managers tick. And what kind of behavior is appropriate and okay. We discuss many topics that might be completely different in the German workplace than back home. Some of this will come as quite a surprise to you. But this gives you the decisive advantage of knowing what to expect and how to handle the challenges in your new job with confidence.

#5 And much more!

The program is one-on-one. The advantage is that it’s open to cover all the questions and topics that are relevant for the individual participant. All the activities take us closer to the goal, to find and start a job.

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Who benefits? (examples)

Graduates in high-demand job fields

There’s a reasonable chance to obtain a voucher for the guiding program with Nicola in case you have applied without any success on your own for some time.

Expats Career Job Coaching Program

People with migrant backgrounds and residency in Germany

Expats and people who have lived in Germany for some time are affected like anybody by the need by the need to find a job. Or to transition into a new job in case of being unemployed for many a reason. To transition into new employment, ALIGN program is a great support to check all the chances there are out there.

Marriage but no job in Germany

Trailing Spouses

Love is marvelous 😍. However, women (and some men) who relocate to Germany to live with their spouses need often a long period of time to find a job. Also, finding a suitable job might be a challenge.

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