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Are you living in Germany and looking for a job? Did you know, that you can claim a voucher to obtain a 100% funding voucher for a career guiding?

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100% funded by Bundesagentur

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Certified Career Guidance via AVGS-Voucher

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Nicola Pilz has designed the "ALIGN-Make your Career"-Program especially to the needs of Internatiional Professionals who want to align to the German Job Market and Work Culture - which may be funded via AVGS.

These are such good news, as newbies among the international professionals in Germany sometimes struggle considerably with the different currency values against the EUR.

After more than twenty years in HR and job & career consulting as an employee, I have taken the step to become self-employed with MyJobGermany.

I’ve started guiding Internationals in 2014 and since then I’ve tuned and worked on my method ever since. It’s a proven way that has already worked for many a international candidate.

At the end of 2021, I completely revised my CoachGuidance method. In early 2022, I passed all audits successfully and the testing authority gave me the certification.

As a result, my method and the consulting process is accredited by German authorities (through CertEuropA GmbH) and registered with the Employment Agency.

These are such good news, as newbies among the international professionals in Germany sometimes struggle considerably with the different currency values against the EUR.

FAQ of the AVGS

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What is exactly the meaning of AVGS?

AVGS is the abbreviation for „Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein“ (activation and placement voucher) and is an instrument of labor market promotion of the employment agency and job center.

It’s intended to reduce the unemployment rate in Germany by improving the process of activating, coaching, consulting, and placing unemployed people in suitable jobs. 

Who can request an AVGS?

The AVGS is primarily intended for job seekers who want to build up their professional life. There are a few formal requirements that apply for the regular German job seeker: Six weeks of unemployment in the last three months, no current placement, and entitlement to social benefits. Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, e.g. because you haven’t yet worked in Germany at all, you may request to get an AVGS-Voucher. To get started you first need to register as a jobseeker with your local Agentur für Arbeit.

What are the costs for the AVGS Coaching?

If you have received an AVGS for coaching from your employment agency or job center, no costs will be incurred.

The prerequisite is that the institution where you want to redeem the AVGS has AZAV certification (Accreditation and Approval Regulation for Employment Promotion), and the measures must also be approved in accordance with AZAV. MyJobGermany with Nicola Pilz has successfully achieved this certification in 2021/22.

Can I redeem an AVGS voucher for coaching at MyJobGermany?

Yes, you can. Because after starting the quite intensive AZAV certification process at the end of 2021 I have good news: MyJob Germany has passed the certification process as an officially approved service provider in 2021/22. I’m so proud I made it.

What coaching Program do you offer via AVGS-Sponsoring?

International applicants benefit particularly from the program „ALIGN-Make your Career in Germany“. Here I have brought together my experience with international professionals since 2014. If you’ve heard of the MINT program, which I did in cooperation with the University of Paderborn, the support & learning curve is similar. The great thing is: ALIGN-Program is for individuals. There are no restrictions on when to join the program. It takes approximately 2 months time. The goal is to find a shortly after finishing the program. Learn more about the program or register now without obligation.

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Adjust yourself with the German work culture & job market via AVGS-Coucher.

Hit the ground running: Here you will find interesting blog articles on the topic of activation and placement voucher (AVGS) and how you can use it to finance the ALIGN – Career Guidance Program which has been created for International Professionals in Germany.