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For your job search in Germany, you need German-style application documents. In Germany, every HR, recruiter, and manager is used to the German „sorting and formatting“ in a so-called table format. It’s rather not a resume, but a gapless picture of your professional life. If you want to have application success, make it as easy and comfortable as possible for recruiters to see your suitability at first sight. So, if you change your resume to a German „Lebenslauf“, that’s the initial step. But, it’s a bit like the ABC we learn in first grade. It’s basic.

The refined visualization of your profile is a different approach. This mature one makes us stand out from other applicants like a swan among so many cute little ducks.

I’ve learned this art in my many years of consulting German applicants. With them, I had no choice but to perfect how to visually conceal their unemployment and flaws. And to bring their good side to the foreground, illuminating it in such a way that they got invited and hired.

My advice is, to have the courage to distinguish oneself from others. That’s the only way to make us stand out and be ahead of the rest.

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