A batch of graduates from four different countries were sitting question is one out of quite a few I was asked in an interview training some months ago. As a starter I asked the graduates in this intense training what questions they have on their mind when it comes to salary.

The picture below is taken from a whiteboard and actually is just part of my own documentation. I’ve just decided to upload it so you know that you’re not alone wondering about how to negotiate salary. I’m often asked this question.

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These are a few questions of my english speaking clients about salary negotiation in Germany. (snapshot of a workshop)

Not to keep you waiting: yes, you may negotiate.

What I mean is, you don’t have to accept every offer. And yes, it’s totally fine to let the other side know what you expect.

I will come back soon and continue.

Upps, and if you have question please leave a comment or write me via facebook or linkedIn.