Mission Statement

Integrate job seekers and people at risk of unemployment

MyJobGermany is a non-partisan, non-political and non-denominational labor market service provider. Our mission statement is to support all people in Germany in finding a job with a future. In doing so, we support private individuals and companies and are a service provider for employment agencies and job centers. Within the framework of employment promotion, we have measures aimed at the sustainable integration of job seekers and people threatened by unemployment into the labor market.

International graduates, foreign professionals and migrants

To this end, we also offer special measures for international people in Germany, but not only. These include migrants, expatriates, graduates of German universities and foreign professionals. Our customers expect a qualified educational offering that will enable them to integrate into the labor market in the long term. To continuously improve our services, we regularly conduct customer surveys and incorporate the results into further development.

Our mission: Alignment with the German training and job market

Our services are geared to the needs of the training and labor market in question. Our core tasks here are:

  • Design and implementation of successful and economical consulting and career measures and programs
  • Analysis of the labor market
  • Identification of customer needs
  • Evaluation and further development of the range of measures
  • Taking into account the compatibility of family and career in the accreditation of employment promotion measures.

Kommunikation und Überprüfung des Leitbildes

Unser Mission Statement bzw. Leitbild wurde von der Leitung der Organisation festgelegt und ist für alle Mitarbeiter verbindlich. Dieses Mission Statement steht allen interessierten Kreisen zur Verfügung, wird regelmäßig überprüft und bei Bedarf angepasst. Die Überprüfung findet im Rahmen des jährlichen internen Audits statt.