Mission Statement

To integrate job seekers and people threatened by unemployment

MyJobGermany is a non-partisan, non-political and non-denominational labor market service provider. Specifically, we are a service provider for employment agencies and job centers and support the sustainable integration of job seekers and people threatened by unemployment into the labor market with our employment promotion measures.

International Graduates, Foreign Specialists and Migrants

To this end, we also offer special measures for international graduates of German universities and foreign specialists. Accordingly, we see this group of people as our primary customers. Our customers expect a qualified educational offer that enables them to be integrated into the labor market in the long term. To continuously improve our services, we conduct regular customer surveys and incorporate these findings into further development.

Alignment with the German Training and Job Market

Our range of services is geared to the needs of the relevant training and job market. In this respect, our core duties are:

  • Analyzing the labor market
  • Identification of the customer’s needs
  • Conception and realization of successful and economic guidance and career measures and programs
  • Evaluation and further development of the range of measures provided
  • Considering the balance between family and career when accrediting employment promotion measures.

Communication and review of the mission statement

The mission statement has been established by the organization’s leadership and is binding on all employees. This mission statement is available to all interested parties, is reviewed regularly, and is adapted as necessary. The review takes place as part of the annual internal audit.