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Have you ever wondered how children manage to wrap up their parents around their fingers so often? Frankly, recruiting is not much different: Use the same principle to win over German employers. I show you how.

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Hi, I’m Nicola Pilz ⭐️

Gaining the trust of managers

Appreciation for work experience from home

Fair salary from first job in Germany

No more struggles

Career Guidance specialized for newcomers in Germany

Demand for skilled workers is high, and yet German employers are reluctant to acknowledge the professional experience of non-native applicants. ‘ll show you how to win the trust of German recruiters and employers and leave the strong international competition behind.

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ALIGN. Make your career – Program

100% of the costs are taken over

The German Employment Agency can support non-German applicants in finding a job by means of a grant. Nicola Pilz with MyJob Germany is accredited. This covers 100% of the costs for Nicola’s counseling and job coaching by the program “ALIGN-Make your career”

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Support finding a job via AVGS-Voucher may be granted to foreign job seekers.

Finding a job even though you’re not fluent in German

The Success of my Job Guiding: This is what my clients say

Customized and certified career coaching with over twenty years of experience helping candidates who previously experienced strong headwinds in their job searches

In the recruiting process, I was always kicked out in the 2nd or 3rd interview or even in the 4th interview. With Nicola, my application was in the German language and I got a job.

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Ahmed, Master of Electrical Systems Engineering

Even after my C1 course in German, I didn’t find a job. It was only when my contact person from the employment agency called Ms. Pilz and asked if she had time for AVGS coaching that success came. I did two internships in a very short time and chose the job where the employees were friendly and motivated. I am happy!

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Fatemeh, Manager Import-Export

Mir ging es als Jugendlicher nach der Schule echt schlecht, am liebsten wäre ich gar nicht mehr aufgestanden. Mit Nicola hatte ich jemanden, die sich regelmäßig Zeit für mich genommen hat. Sie hat mich richtiggehend “verkauft” mit meinen Bewerbungsunterlagen. Egal, ich habe eine Ausbildungsstelle gefunden, auch als niemand mehr daran geglaubt hatte.

Male teenager, smiling face
Michael, Elektroniker für Betriebstechnik

For me, it was about the subject of salary negotiation. I know that I do very good work, but it was very difficult for me to ask for a salary increase. Ms. Pilz prepared me very well for the interview and the negotiations. The goal was to achieve a fair salary and it worked! Thank you very much, dear Ms. Pilz, through your professional coaching I have achieved my goal and work even more motivated!!!

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Bewertung, proven expert

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